Constitutional Amendments/Initiatives

Welcome to the Florida Department of State’s Constitutional Amendments / Initiatives Website!

Where can I find information about existing initiatives or amendments?

Visit Initiatives/Amendments/Revisions Database

How do I register as Paid Petition Circulator?

  • By law (section 100.371, Florida Statutes), any person who is or will be paid to collect initiative petitions must first register with the Department of State before collecting petitions.
  • To register as a paid petition circulator, complete an online application. Once registered, you will be able to manage your own account and assign yourself the initiative(s) for which you plan to collect.
  • Information submitted to register as a paid petition circulator becomes public record, subject to any applicable exemptions under Florida law.
  • Online User Guide for Paid and Volunteer Petition Circulators

Do I have to register as a volunteer petition circulator?

No, you do not have to register if you are a volunteer petition circulator. Forms and the full text of constitutional amendments can be viewed/downloaded here. No login is required.

How long does it take to process an online application to become a registered paid petition circulator?

For applications properly submitted during business hours, it will take at least one to two business day to process. If there is an unusually high volume of submissions, the delay may be longer. Applications submitted after business hours or on the weekend are not processed until at least the next business day.

Information improperly entered or incomplete registration can delay processing. The most common errors are entering an address or email incorrectly. Applicants are advised to search the United States Postal Service website to search and compare the format of the address(es) they are providing into the circulator system.

How do I manage my account once registered as a paid petition circulator?

To manage an existing registration account, including assigned petitions, login. Refer to the Online User Guide for Paid and Volunteer Petition Circulators for further guidance.

How do I get paid as a paid petition circulator?

The Department of State is not involved in payment for paid petition circulators. It is the circulator’s responsibility to make arrangements with each sponsoring political committee for the applicable initiative(s) to ensure that they will be paid for collecting petitions.

For questions or assistance please contact the Florida Division of Elections.

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